About Courting the Company

This blog, yes, I realize blogs are a bit old school now, has been years coming.  Being in HR and Recruiting for over two decades I have finally had enough.  I am tired of seeing candidate after candidate shoot themselves in the foot during the interview and selection process.

I have also seen that the similarities between the job search/interviews and dating are down-right spooky.  So that is why I feel you MUST “Court the Company.”

I also welcome guest bloggers.  If you are interested please leave a comment and I will get back with you.  I hope this can be a place for all of us HR people to share with the people on the other side of the desk.  We have great insights into the process but are often unable to give feedback because THE Man is keeping us down too!

In 2016 we will be transitioning to www.jobcerch.com for the blog and a lot more resources.  We will still have the blog but will add online information about all areas of the job search and plan to add a podcast.

Jobcerch – We spell it wrong because you’re not doing it right.


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