I’m sorry, well, sort of.

Most people love Fridays but for me they are often not a very happy day.  Oh, don’t go feeling bad for me.  Friday’s are not good days because that is usually the day we “wish people well in their future endeavors.”  Or, to say it another way, we can people.

Keep in mind that this is usually not taken lightly.  Most times the person is on a PIP (performance improvement plan) so it should not come as a shock.  They are told to do certain things by a certain date and guess what?  Don’t do it and you don’t have a job.  Most PIPs last 30-60 days so if the goals seem unreasonable that gives the person time to start looking.  Of course I know that it usually takes a month for every $10k you want to make.  $70k = 7 months.

What I do feel bad about is that I am unable to tell the person we are letting go any of the following things:

  • I’m sorry.
  • I wish it could be different.
  • Did you think you were doing a good job?
  • I know this sucks.
  • How can I help?

I also wish I could tell other employees and other companies (if they ask) why the person was let go.  Not in a vindictive way but from a point of helping keep employee’s know what is expected and other employers what the employee’s strengths and weaknesses are.  Just because you get fired from one job it does not mean that you will bad in another but because of the veil of secrecy that lawsuits have imposed on employers, that is the assumption.

The Man

If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you’ll find an excuse.

One thought on “I’m sorry, well, sort of.”

  1. I love the part in Moneyball where they teach the geek how to fire someone. Makes so much sense to just get it done. Rip the bandage off. No blubbering or hand-holding, just look them in the eye and tell them their being let go.

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