Why did you break up?

If you start dating someone wouldn’t you wonder “why are you single?”  Guess what, companies wonder the same thing!

First, let’s admit the obvious…  there is no winning this battle.  If you are single there is obviously something wrong with you or you are too picky.  But if you are currently with someone AND open to dating then you are not trustworthy.

Lucky for you we are a little more flexible in business, but not much.  If you are unemployed then, yes, we are much more nervous about hiring you.  Why?  Because there are a lot of freaking jobs out there!  I read and hear about recruiters whining about how they cannot find employees.   I see “No Hiring” signs all over the place.  Yes, I get it.  Many of those jobs suck and if you take them then it is difficult to explain how you are not doing what you want to do.  I also get that many people have been shafted by THE MAN.  They have been laid off, the company sold or taken a huge pay cut.

Taking all this into account I strongly recommend that you put why you left each position on your resume.  Remember, don’t be little kid honest.  Why do I recommend this?  Because I, as a recruiter or hiring manager, will usually assume the worst.  No really, most hiring managers are some suspicious people.  So try and anticipate some of their questions and answer them.  Remember, the resume gets you the interview, the interviews get you the job.

The Man

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

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