What if the company stands YOU up?

Let’s get one thing straight about the interview process.  It may be two sided but the deck is stacked in the house’s favor.  So, what should you do if the recruiter stands you up?  I suggest to always assume the best!  Assume that it was an honest mistake.  I always reach out to a candidate if they no-show an interview.  I leave a message and follow up with an email because, well… life happens.  I have had candidates end up in hospital, have an emergency, or even something come up at their current job.  So guess what?  The same thing happens on our end.

Sometimes it is a case of “bigger name, other line” and a SVP, EVP, CVP or BSVP needs my time.  Sorry to say it, but they pay my bills so they come first.  Not to mention, who knows, maybe it is a test.  I am just saying…

I suggest leaving the recruiter a voicemail (you did get their number, right?) and follow up with an email saying something like this:

Hello Mr/Ms Smith, this is Nathan Arizona.  I am very interested in your sales position at Unpainted Arizona and I look forward to speaking with you about the opportunity.  I may have missed your call as I know sometimes cell phone calls get dropped.  You can reach me at 555-867-5309 or Narizona@email.com.  That is 555-867-5309.  I am available the rest of the week.  Have a good day.

I know, I know!  Your righteous indignation does not want you to do that.  You really want to leave this message:

Hey, Mr. big shot.  Did your sundial break old man or were you still napping when you should have been calling me about your weak-ass position that I wasn’t really interested in anyway.  You were lucky to have me as a candidate but your luck just ran out, ass-hat.

BUT don’t do it!


Before you “assume” try this crazy method called “asking.”

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