Consistently inconsistent

I frequently have interviews with candidates that have a spotty work history.  Six months here, two years here, a year and a half there, etc…  I, unlike many other recruiters, still call those people.  Why don’t many recruiters call candidates with work history ADHD?

What if you are dating this person and it comes out that every relationship they have been in and their previous five marriages only lasted a couple of years?  Would you be a little hesitant to keep dating them?  Oh, they have good reasons for all of it.  Maybe they just have a bad picker.  But even that is an issue.

So what is a candidate to do with an inconsistent work history.  The first thing I suggest is to put why you left each position on your resume.  Remember, the resume gets you a phone call, the phone call a face to face and the face to face interviews get you the job.  If a recruiter just sees your dates of employment they WILL assume the worst.  I also do not recommend just using years.  2013-2014 could be a one month job or almost two years.  I would assume one month.

You can also address your work history in your cover letter but keep in mind that if we do not like your resume we won’t read the cover letter.  Something like this might work on your resume

ABC Company            6/2012 – 3/2013
Company lay off

XYZ Company            6/2013 – 5/2015
Department relocated to AZ

Will it work every time, no.  Does every recruiter like this format, no.  But if you are not getting phone calls then you need to take an objective look at your resume.

The Man

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
Tim Notke


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