Do you dress for failure?

Many people talk about dressing for success.  It is much easier to talk about how many candidates dress for failure.  Let’s say you were going on a date.  How would you dress?  Would you say “hey, I like wearing these tattered shorts and this t-shirt from the 1900’s and they need to accept me for who I am” or would you dress for the event?  I bet if you were going on a date you would wear your nicer clothes.  Interviews are no different.

You definitely want to take the company culture into consideration.  A good recruiter will tell you what the company expects.  If they don’t then it is part of the game.  Personally I would rather be a little over dressed than under dressed.  Remember, the interview is the best you that a company will see.  Just like in dating, what happens after the I Do’s is often a far cry from a first date.

Also, be sure you are comfortable and you feel confident in what you are wearing.  I encourage people to try on their interview clothes if they have not worn them in a while.  It is amazing how clothes shrink over time:)  Also, if they are wool, check them for moth holes.  Not kidding, I have been hosed by this before.

You also want everything ready the night before so there are no surprises the day of the interview.  You did shine your shoes, right?  How about collar stays for the guys?  Women, is your purse cleaned out?  You don’t want to come into an interview with an overnight bag and a set of keys that look like you are the janitor.  Get your keys down to one car key you can take with you and a portfolio or tablet with some extra copies of your resume.

By tJacket taghe way guys… that cloth tag on jacket sleeves… take it off.  I know you want people to know that it is a good brand but that is not OK in an interview.  BTW, you are better off spending your money on good tailoring and a less expensive suit than buying an expensive suit and not having it tailored to fit you.


Tight shirtPlease be sure your shirt fits correctly.  I do not want to hear your buttons screaming for help or hear the thread yelling like a man on the rack.  Also, your collar should button without your neck hanging over it and it should fit well and not leave enough room to see your undershirt.  You do wear a coordinated undershirt, right?  No nipples!

short skirt

Ladies, if you wear a skirt then the skirt should be between you and the chair.  If it is not, then it is too short.  Also, high slits are for dates, not interviews.


low cut

Also stay away from low-cut shirts.  You want a guy to look you in the eye right?  Let’s keep it professional.



The Man

My room was clean but then I had to decide what to wear.

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