Be careful with your file names on resumes

I was reading a blog post the other day and it gave some great advice!  Change the file name of your cover letter and resume to match the position you are applying for.  By now you know that you need to rework your resume and cover letter for each job, right?  You DO know that, don’t you?

I also encourage you to start a folder for each job.  You can do this on your computer or online in Google Drive or Evernote.  That way you can clip relevant articles to that job’s folder when you are on Twitter, FB or online. I like Google Drive or Evernote because you can have access to your documents from anywhere.  Meet someone at an event and they say “shoot me your resume when you get home” why wait, do it then.

One thing you want to be VERY careful anytime you do a file save as you want to change all the relevant information.  I suggest starting with mail merge and having any company or job related information be a form field.  Sending a cover letter to a company that mentions another company (especially a competitor) as the place you want to work is like calling your girlfriend another girl’s name as you all are making your way to the bed.  It usually has disastrous results.

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