What’s the rush?

You may already know this… some jobs are posted for a VERY limited time.  One contract recruiting gig I had in the past included such positions.  These positions were in such high demand that I would only post them for 24 hours or less than I would take them down due to the volume of candidates.

Just think if Channing Tatum or Ali Landry put up personal ad looking for a date.  Think they would need to leave it up and talk to everyone that emailed them?  Nope!  Well, some companies are the same way.  Some don’t even post the positions at all!

That is why looking for a job is a seven-day a week job and the pay sucks but the payoff can be HUGE!  You need to do a lot of things be hitting on all cylinders:

  • Job Boards
  • Company sites
  • Niche sites – industry associations.
  • Networking
  • Professional sites
  • Social media

How do you keep up with it all?  Have a plan and work you plan.  Not enough time or want some help?  I may be able to help with that soon.

So if someone wants to know, what’s the rush with applying for that job?  You know what the rush is… it may not be there tomorrow.

The Man

Dignity: The moment you realize that no one is your enemy, except yourself.
Shannon L. Alder

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