Body language yells and screams

Many times it is not what you say but how you say it that matters.  Actually, if you believe the TED Talk from Amy Cuddy it can matter a lot even before the interview starts.  It seems that body language not only conveys things to other people but also to ourselves.  It might be a power pose you take before your interview or just being sure you smile.

Keep in mind that what you wear and your hygiene, or lack of it also plays into how others perceive you.  But here are a few things to keep in mind…

Sitting forward a little in the chair: This shows that you are interested and engaged.

Don’t put your hands in your pockets: Not only does this you look dorky but it can make people think you are not telling the truth.

Try not to fidget:  This can be distracting to the interviewer.

Be sure not to cross your arms or put them behind you: It shows that you are closed off.

Make good eye contact but do not stare:  This is a fine line and I understand that it is cultural.  Ask people you know and trust if you make good eye contact.

Have a good handshake:  You can’t help it if the other person has a bad handshake but try to keep yours slightly firm with only one or two pumps.

Walk with confidence: Wear shoes that are comfortable and appropriate.  If they squeak just say something like “sorry about the squeak, I guess my shoes need an alignment.”  It will help keep you calm.

To figure out if you do any of these things it is a good idea to do a mock interview and video it.  But the tough part is watching the video to critique yourself.  I don’t tell you all of these things to make you a nervous wreck but rather to make you a little more self-aware.

The Man

Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.
John Eldridge




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