Job hopping – how much is too much?

One of the things I have noticed of late is that most people are caught in a conundrum wrapped in an enigma.  How bad is job hopping?  The short answer is “it depends.”

A lot of it depends on why you left each of your past positions and how long we want you in the position we are recruiting for.  Believe it or not, some companies still want their people to stick around.  While others are OK with and may even want their people to leave every 2-5 years.

If your resume looks like you have been playing spin-the-bottle with jobs then you may have some work to do.  One thing is to put why you left each position.  Keep it positive, “Because my boss was a jerk” is not a valid reason.  If you have job-hopped a lot you will probably need to work a little harder to make things happen.

It is like going out on a date with someone only to find out that they only date people for three months and then they dump them.  Would you really put a lot of effort into that relationship if wanted to find someone to marry?

The Man

If you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it.
Chinese Proverb

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