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About 30% of the resumes I see have a Skills section.  This may be of benefit if they relate to the position you are applying for.  Personally I like a Summary of Qualifications at the top of the page but that is my opinion.

The main issue is that most people include their skills even if they do not relate to the position.  This is one of the biggest pains in the keister of the job search.  You should take the time to tweak your resume for each position each time you apply.  Yes, I know the online application already takes an hour, now I want you to spend another 30 minutes to an hour changing your resume.  OK, you don’t have to, unless you want to increase your odds of actually getting a call back this time.

If you are applying for a Director level position but you include “10 Key” under you skills section I will probably stop reading.  Why?  Because 10 Key speaks to a lower level position.  Also, be sure that if you include “attention to detail” that you don’t have ANY spelling or grammatical mistakes on your resume.  Speaking of that, I would leave “detail oriented” off your resume and come up with a quantifiable way to show that skill.  Maybe something like “99% accuracy rate on…”

Keep in mind that there is not just ONE right way to do a resume, but there are definitely quite a few wrong ways.

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