Is social media helping you or hurting you?

Social media these days is everywhere!  If you are reading this you probably have a few different accounts.  But is that helping or hurting you?

Recruiters are also getting on social media to recruit people.  Keep in mind that they are usually doing what we call “passive recruiting” where we try to get people who are already happily employed interested in working for us.

Most people who are “hurt” by their social media accounts are just “exercising their rights” as citizens of ‘merica.  I hear it a lot in HR “I have the right to…” or “This is ‘merica, I can say what I want.”  All of that is true.  But since this is America a company can also decide that they no longer want you as an employee.  Many people are under the misconceived notion that a company cannot fire you without a good reason.  That just is not true.  Now there are sometimes union agreements that layout how people are terminated and companies have policies about it but generally speaking, a company can fire you because they want to, period.  Just look at Amazon.

So, if your tweets, posts, videos, vines, etc are deemed as having a negative impact on the business or might have a negative impact you might not have an impact at all because you will not be there.  You are entitled to your rights but rights come at a price and that price might be your current or future job.

The Man

The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true.
Abraham Lincoln

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