Applications are not the same as interviews

insanityListening to a podcast the other day I heard someone say that sales is not the same as cash flow.  That got me thinking… applying for jobs is not the same as getting interviews.

This is a very important distinction in your job search.  You probably already know the definition of insanity.

If you keep applying for job after job after job and you are not getting any interviews then you probably have one of the following problems:

  • You are applying for jobs that you do not qualify for.  It is true that most times you do not have to meet ALL of the job requirements to be considered for a position but at least meet some of them!
  • Your spam filter is grabbing the recruiter’s emails.  I email people to schedule interviews.  Why?  Primarily because it is faster and I sometimes review applicants’ information at weird times when you would not want me to call.  For instance, I am writing this blog post at 6am on a Sunday morning.
  • Your voicemail is full or not set up at all.  Check the number you put on your resume and make sure that people can leave a voicemail and that you will receive them.
  • Your resume sucks. I have covered this before and I am sure I will again.

If you are getting interviews but not getting an offer then don’t focus on your resume a lot, focus on your interviewing skills, or lack there of.  A lot of people ask “why don’t they hire me and we’ll see if it will work out?”  REALLY!  Why don’t you just marry someone before dating them and see how that works out for you?


When resumes come in, especially in this market, hiring managers aren’t looking to find someone… they are looking to disqualify someone.  Errors and hype do that.
Brenda Greene

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