Focus on the positive in your jobsearch

think positiveMuch of what I read about the employment market is negative. Here are some not-so positive quotes from the web:

  • More Americans than ever before are not working with 92 MILLION people out of the workforce.
  • Job-seekers are taught to grovel and beg for a job.
  • How to deal with job search pain points.

Let’s face it, looking for a job can really suck.  Interviewing CAN be fun but the job search, I don’t think so.  So you need to stay positive and not have a bunch of pity-parties.   There are several ways to do this during your job search.

  • Do at least one fun thing a day, but have a time limit.  When I say something fun, I mean something positive.  Yes, drinking 6-12 beers may be fun but there is a heavy price to pay for that.  Maybe sit outside and drink a cup of coffee or meet a friend for lunch.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, online and in person.  You may need to block some people’s news feeds for a while.
  • Work on some professional development.  I find that if I am learning something new I am in a much better mood.
  • Laugh.  If you look at YouTube videos or The Chive be sure to laugh.

Yes, you need to plan your fun when you are in a job search.  Set time aside for yourself but limit it.


I am being positive… I am positive that you are an idiot.
Al’s wife

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