Why you no write so good? Resume spelling errors

spellcheckMany companies and people believe spelling counts in the interview process:

If you make a spelling error on your resume, cover letter or emails you are NOT:
  1. Detail oriented
  2. Very interested in the position.
  3. All of the above

The answer in most companies is #3, all of the above.  While I do not agree with this much of the time consider a Wikipedia entry on the question.  If enough people believe it to be true then it is true.  The ultimate truth does not matter, perception rules.  So if most employers kick you out of contention or at the very least ding you for having a spelling error then you need to do your best to avoid such an error.

This  is a very important truth (perception) to keep in mind.  Let’s say you are applying for a recruiter position.  You have is all: the skills they want, the right education and you have a rock solid work history.  Unfortunately this is one of the bullet points on you resume:

  • Asses talent based on KSAs and work history to determine job fit.

Notice that the first word is the plural of ass and NOT the correct word, assess?  Most companies do.  I know what you are thinking… so what?  This is just one error.  Who doesn’t make mistakes?  I agree but let’s test this with the dating analogy…  How about if you are on a first date and your date is rude and demeaning to the waitstaff?  Do you REALLY think they are a nice person just because they are nice to you?  Nope.  But the truth may be that your date had a very frustrating day and they are not being themselves today.  No matter, there will probably not be a second date.

So be sure to take your time.  Double and triple check your work.  Have others  critique it.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.  Most people make mistakes because they are in a hurry.  Don’t rush, the stakes are too high.


A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.
John C. Maxwell

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