You need a kinetic job search

Kinetic jobsearch1The word kinetic first came up in science class when talking about kinetic energy.  But then it came up again in news reports about battles in Afghanistan and Iraq as a “kinetic military action” or a “kinetic battle.”  It hit me… that is what people need… a kinetic job search.  Most of us sit back in the job search and don’t push it forward.

What is a kinetic job search?

You need to go on the offensive.  Don’t wait for a company to post a position.  Lots of people have written about the benefits of networking and making friends.  But to do that you need to get outside of your comfort zone.  You need to start making things happen.

How do you start a kinetic job search?

Start with small goals.  Make one new contact your first week, two the second, four the third week and so on.  If you are not currently working treat you job search like a job.  Take breaks, go out for lunch, etc…   Ask others to help hold you accountable for your goals.

Even the military takes a strategic pause.

If it has been a while and you are not getting anywhere in your job search maybe it is time to pause and refocus your efforts.  Ask others for assistance.  Take stock in what you have done, what has worked and what didn’t.  Then re-boot and launch your search again.


Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.  Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.
Sun Tzu

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