Don’t be a donkey in your job search

I about fell out when I heard someone ask “What are you guys doing?  You’re just donkeying around over here.”  I asked “we are doing what?!”  He said “you all are just hee-hawing over here and you ain’t getting jack-$#!+ done.”  I died laughing, then I got to work.

Don’t be a donkey

If I am real honest with myself I am sometimes a donkey.  I don’t mean I am being an ass (although I have been told I do that too) but how many times do I talk big only to not follow through on things.  More times than I like to admit.  So how do you stop all this hee-hawing?


If I do not work at it I will be busy all day and not get anything done.  Usually it is because I lack focus.  Sure I make a list of things I want to accomplish but do I check back with the list or do I let the day run me?


I have written about journaling before.  It is not the dear diary that I use to think of but rather mindfulness.  It helps me set my priorities for the day and week.  It also helps me focus on what is important.  I took the lead from the five minute journal the Tim Ferriss talks about and I have added some God stuff 🙂  I also took an idea from QOD, I take time at the end of each day to write down ideas.

Do at least one thing…

That gets you excited!  It may be listening to music, watching funny AFV clips, playing a video game, reading your kid a story, whatever it takes to make you smile.  Let’s admit it, looking for a job sucks.  It is like asking a bunch of people out on dates only to have most of them totally ignore you.

Small bites

Break those big goals down!  If you keep thinking “I’ve got to find a job” you are going to psych yourself out.  If you feel overwhelmed pick a place and get started.  Start building some momentum.  If you feel out of control start by picking something you can control. The main thing is to start by doing something!

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Francis of Assisi

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