Please don’t be a tool

I sometimes have candidates apply that are well, tools.  Or maybe asshats would be a better and more gender neutral term as these people are not bound by age, race, country of origin, socioeconomic status or gender.  You can be an asshat any number of ways:

  • Argue with me when I tell you we are not hiring you.
  • Demean me and tell me I suck at my job.
  • Tell me that you are too good for me any way.
  • You say that you weren’t really interested.
  • Cut me off during a phone call or interview.
  • Try to control the interview.
  • Oh, do you not have my resume? I explained it on my resume.

See a common thread here between dating and interviewing?  Yep, you can’t fix stupid or crazy.  Some people show their asshatness during the interview process while others wait till they are not hired and thus, they confirm our decision.

In short, don’t be an asshat.  If you are one then get help.


“All lasting business is built on friendship”
Alfred A. Montaper

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