Minimum criteria

A lot of people will tell you “even if you don’t meet the criteria, apply and maybe they will hire you.  That may be true but if you do not meet the minimum criteria and you apply you become part of the problem.  You are then just clogging up the system and that hurts EVERYONE.  How?  Read on…

Let’s say you are single and would like to date someone.  Do you just go out with ANYONE?  Maybe if you are truly a bisexual you would but most people do have at least one criteria that is a minimum criteria, the gender of the other person.  OK, you think that sounds judgemental.  How about the language they speak?  If someone comes up to you on the street, they do not speak your language but maybe they have a card they hand you that says, in your language, “I do not speak your language, but I would like you to take me on a date.”  Would you indulge them?  No, they did not pull up in a limo, they look like a semi-normal person.  I bet the answer would be no.  Still sound judgemental?  How about if you are a tree-hugging, otter-scrubbing, vegan-eating, member of PETA and a person wearing this shirt asks you to take them on a date?

Guns and meat tshirt

Who is the judgement bigot now? 🙂  See, we all have minimum criteria and recruiters are no different.  I know, I know, but if you would only get to know me.  But here is the thing, I don’t have time to get to know everyone.  Sorry, life sucks sometimes but them thar are the facts.

How about this as an idea?  If you are unsure about if you meet the minimum criteria or not, ask.  It may be as simple as calling the company and asking the HR department.  Or it could be as complicated as joining LinkedIn and searching for someone in the company and asking them.  Oh, wait, that is not that complicated.

The Man

What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy.


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