Why most recruiters won’t help you

Some candidates contact me after they are not selected for a position and ask why or for feedback.  I actually like this and encourage people to do this.  Keep in mind this is NOT the people who do it this way: “WHY DID YOU NOT HIRE ME?!”  Or: “You obviously did not hire me because I am (insert protected class status here; old, black, latino, a woman, etc…) as I am the most qualified person for the position.”  For those people please refer to my post about not being a tool.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I want to help you I won’t.  At least not in my professional capacity.  Why?  Because The Man over me does not want me to.  Also, it usually does not end well.  Imagine this… you break up with someone and they ask nicely “Why did you break up with me?”  Or imagine if you asked your most recent ex that.  Most would say “It’s not you, it’s me.”  You know what that means… It’s YOU!  No one likes that.  Yes, some people can handle it and learn from it but the vast majority of people will get angry and argumentative.  It is the case of a some people ruining it for everyone, kind of like that Uber Driver that sued Uber.

That is why I started this blog.  So I can help.  I also want to share some of the funny things that happen day to day as a recruiter.  Yes, some of my posts are not nice and there will be a lot of sarcasm which will anger people but all in all I think it can be a force for good.  At the very least it will make some people laugh and if not them, me 🙂

The Man

Rule #1
No good deed goes unpunished.

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