Feel my pain

OK, I totally get that looking for a job SUCKS!  No, really, I do.  I have been there and I am sure I will be there again.  I have been the one to apply for job after job for month after month with no responses, jerks.  I have had that phone interview that I knew wasn’t going to lead to a face to face.  I get it.

But you need to get something too, recruiting is TOUGH!  Look at it this way, if you wanted to find the Mr. or Mrs. right would you be really picky or would you just find someone who is close and say “let’s see how this goes”?  That is where a good recruiter is.  They want to find THE right person, not just a carbon-based life form that is not a total waste of oxygen.

How do we do that?  Some people “post and pray.”  The put the job on some job board and hope to find the right person.  That is like looking for the right one by going to Octoberfest, sitting at a table by yourself and waiting for the right person to stumble across you.  A good recruiter is a hunter.  They look EVERYWHERE for THE right person.  Online, networking, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, the line at the grocery store, etc…  What that means is that you find a lot of Mr. and Mrs. not-so-rights.  Nothing personal, it’s not a match.  No, we are not saying that you are a looser and you suck.  We are actually saying that it is our opinion (more about this in a second) that if we hire you, you will not be happy or be able to do what we need you to do.  Do you REALLY want a job where you will be unhappy and suck at what you do?  I mean, other than the job you are in now 🙂

On to our “opinion.”  I have seen studies that say the best interview processes are only about 65% effective in choosing a successful candidate.  Yep, one in three people are bad hires and that is THE BEST interview processes.  The truth is that it is all just an educated guess.  But so is going to a Doctor for a diagnosis.

The Man

Be so good they can’t ignore you.
Steve Martin

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