Be honest, but not too honest

You know how people say “I love how honest children are?”  First, that is a LIE!  Secondly, how does that work for you when a child asks you very loudly “why is that person so fat?” or “are they a boy or a girl?”  No bueno!

As I have said, interviewing is like dating.  Do you REALLY want someone to be brutally honest on a date?  Maybe, but I think NOT.  Most people learn to filter the things that come out of their mouth but not everyone.  This is all about perspective.  Try to look at it from the employer’s perspective.

Here are some examples and the the dating analogies:

I want to work here because you have great benefits
Employer hears:  I want, I want, I want and I have not even really looked at the job enough to know if I will like it or be good at it.
Dating analogy:  I want to go out with you because your last girlfriend told me you bought her nice gifts.

I don’t like to do that, but I can do it if I have to.
Employer hears: I just really need any job I can get but I will keep looking for another job after I start.
Dating analogy: I will go our with you if you spend at least $300 on dinner.

I want to work here because I have done it before.
Employer hears: I am lazy and don’t want to be challenged.
Dating analogy: I just want a free meal and you are better than a night alone.

Why did you all get bad reviews on glassdoor?
Employer hears: I am an idiot who applies for a job that very likely sucks AND I always believe what other people say online.
Dating analogy: So, why did your last boyfriend dump you and why are you still single?

I am not saying that these are not valid reasons, questions or thoughts.  I am just saying don’t say them in an interview.  Also, when we ask “Why did you leave your last position?”  is a time to use tact and professionalism.  The answer “because my manager was a jerk” is not a good response, no matter how true it is.

The Man

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.
Col. Jessep, A Few Good Men

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