Do the tables turn?

Like any dating situation, the relationship should be a match for both parties.  Interviews are no different. I believe that if the position, like a relationship, is not a match for one person then it is not a match for both.  We even tell people in our interviewing process that this is a two-way street.

But, like all relationships, sometimes people’s feelings get hurt or their expectations are not met.  That is when people start to show what I believe are their TRUE colors.  Ever heard this quote?

A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person
Dave Barry

I find that to be true.  If you start to get frustrated in an interview process ask questions before you start jumping to conclusions.  Also keep in mind that if you put out some kind of ultimatum companies will likely call you on it.  I will give you two examples.

A great employee that everyone likes and is doing a good job goes to their bosses boss and says “either my boss goes or I go.”  Little did they know that their boss is on a performance improvement plan and is indeed on their way out.  But what the employee has done is thrown down a gauntlet.  If the company acquiesces then the employee will feel emboldened to do this kind of thing again.  What happened?  Their bosses boss says “I’m sorry you feel that way.” They leave it at that and the employee now feels they “must” resign or their loose face.  They left and oh, wait… a position that person had been waiting for was opened up a day after they gave their less than two weeks notice.  No, they were not considered for the position but they would have been had they not acted like a child drawing a line in the sand.


A candidate that everyone liked and we were holding a spot in a new hire training class for.  Yep, that candidate called me a few days before their final interview and said “I have done three interviews and if you all do not know if I am the right person by now then I need to reconsider this.  I was currently working on their offer letter so we could give it to them at the end of the final interview.  Oh well, that was a wasted effort.  I told the candidate that I was sorry they felt that way but I understood and they could call me back if they were interested again in the future.

How would you like it if someone you were dating said “OK, it’s me or your friend”  or if they said “we have been dating for three months, if you are not ready to marry me then I need to rethink this relationship.”  It is usually an easy decision.  Adios!

The Man

I told that teachin’ lady… the only crayons I need are the red, white and blue.  Go ‘Merica!

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