To find a job you must Chive On!

Chive On: A Phrase made famous by the popular website, “” (probably the best site in the world). It means stay the course no matter what. Chive On refers to the mutual understanding between Chivers on how to go about life, regardless of all the assholes, douchebags, posers, etc, who might %$#^ it up from time to time.

This is the attitude you must have in your job search and in dating.  I am not talking about becoming or staying an arrogant waste of oxygen but rather having a calm confidence.  I know you might be thinking “you stay calm while this happens.”  This can be any of the following:

  • My house is foreclosed on
  • Car repossessed
  • Spouse leaves with the kids
  • Spouse leaves without the kids

and the list goes on.   I am not getting preachy about bad choices.  The truth of the matter is that there is usually little difference between the people with jobs and those without.  Oh, sure, you can become one of those positive thinking power people but the truth of the matter is that we are all one or two bad decisions or bad luck away from the bottom.  For those with a religious take on things… the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

So, how does one “Chive On” in the face of the black hole that is the job search?  I would love to hear your tricks but here are a few I have seen or done over the decades:

  • Print out rejection letters (if you get them) and post them for motivation.  Think “I am going to prove you (insert appropriate curse word here) wrong!
  • Connect with each recruiter or interviewer you meet on LinkedIn.  They can become an invaluable asset later on.
  • Start an excel sheet and keep track of each position you apply for and track your progress.
  • Put a game together.  Check out Jane McGonigal’s Ted Talk.
  • Get a job where you can meet a lot of people and network.  Think barista or wait staff.
  • Make and wear some shirts that are advertising.  Think “Got Career?” on the front and “Business Graduate with chutzpah” on the back or “Liberal Arts Grad Available for Hire.”
  • I have not seen it yet but maybe a car-wrap that is an info-graphic of your resume.

The main thing is to get serious, get creative and get out there.  You know those pyramid sales people who sell to EVERYONE?  Yep, take on that persona but a little toned down.  Think Money Mayweather without the sharp edges and the obnoxious display of wealth.  You need to be your own self-promoter.

There are several right jobs out there for you!  Get to it.

The Man

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.
John C. Maxwell

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