It’s not just CAN you do the job

I hear it and see it a lot from candidates… I CAN do the job.  That is the answer a lot of times when I ask some form of “Why do you want this position at this company?”  I hope you do not think that is a good answer, because it is not.

Look at it this way… you ask someone out and they say yes.  Whew!  Boy, you sure are glad they did not say no.  During the date you casually ask “so, why did you say yes when I asked you out?”  Their answer? “Because I wanted a free meal and no one else had asked me out for tonight.”  Boom!  That sound was your heart sinking.

CAN does not get you out to bed in the morning.  CAN does not get you to work on time.  CAN does not make you a good coworker.  CAN does not make you a valuable part of the team.  CAN is a robot that CAN do your job.

Tell me that you WANT the position and you WANT to work here.  What are good reasons to WANT a position?  Benefits?  Wrong answer asshole!  That is akin to telling someone you want to go out with them because they come from a family with money.  How about “I want to work in pharmaceutical sales and I know a lot of sales reps come out of your company.”  Oh, you want to date me because I have good-looking friends you would like to meet.

To know what a good answer is depends on several factors including, but not limited to the company’s culture and what you like to do.  Yes, honesty is the best policy but what do you say when someone 5’3″ 200 lbs asks you if those jeans make them look big?  Do you tell them “it’s not the jeans?”

Remember, this IS a game.  I wish it wasn’t but in most cases it is.  I know some recruiters and companies would argue with me but they are just ignorant.  In every interview non-job related criteria is taken into consideration.

The Man

Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.
Jack Nicholson, As Good as it Gets

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